MATT LAUER TERMINATED!! (It’s Beggining To Look A Lot Like Christmas…)


I did an Irish jig and an Indian (American) celebration dance when I learned that Matt Lauer WAS FIRED from NBC–and I am 75% Italian (25% “Austrian Jew”, whatever that means).

I liked most the NBC characterization at the bottom of their screen: “Matt Lauer terminated.”


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An Additional Error in the Term, “Islamophobia”

On what basis would I buy a book written by a guy who has an irrational fear of Islam OR Muslims OR, worse, both?

Does anyone understand the question?

Let’s be clear: not only is the term “islamophobia” being misused by all those who peddle the syndrome, as a widespread phenomenon, but the chosen name, ITSELF, the word, contains an error: ‘islam’ is a religious doctrine; ‘muslim’ is an actual, factual human and the ONLY one of the two that will, THAT CAN, strike fear, in a person, in the heart of an infidel.

Therefore: ‘musliphobia, ‘muhamaphobia’ are more appropriate POTENTIAL candidates for an accurate term to represent an irrational fear of a violent, Islamic, religious zealot.

Am I the only sane person on the planet?

I want, I may want, to read books by people who do NOT have an irrational fear of Muslims OR, worse, Islam OR, much more worse, both.


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The Non-existent Mean

From pages 5 – 6, The Undiscovered Self, by Carl G. Jung:
Any theory based on experience is necessarily statistical; it formulates an ideal average which abolishes all exceptions at either end of the scale and replaces them by an abstract mean. This mean is quite valid, though it need not necessarily occur in reality. Despite this it figures in the theory as an unassailable fundamental fact. The exceptions at either extreme, though equally factual, do not appear in the final result at all, since they cancel each other out. If, for instance, I determine the weight of each stone in a bed of pebbles and get an average weight of five ounces, this tells me very little about the real nature of the pebbles. Anyone who thought, on the basis of these findings, that he could pick up a pebble of five ounces at the first try would be in for a serious disappointment. Indeed, it might well happen that however long he searches he would not find a single pebble weighing exactly five ounces.
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Burqa and Hijab: The Most Slippery of Intellectual Slopes

The argument about the incompatibility of the hijab being worn by a “feminist” is the most slippery of intellectual slopes. (Say that five times fast.) I’ve attempted to draw attention to this belief—I refrain using fact—by declaring that a pair of beautiful eyes exposed by the slit of the burqa is more than dangerous-enough when one is attempting to avoid sexual excitation.

You can take that to the bank.

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The Currency of Status Of Full-throated Leftists

We expect there to be a bit—or more—of truth in the humor that we all know pervade most jokes and jests. A Muslim guy made internet news for attributing a desire, his desire, to blow up things:

The point of the news system is to sensationalize everything. … Makes me so mad. I just want to blow stuff up. […] I get so angry!

The guy is, most likely, being honest. We all know that the currency of status®™ within the set of full-throated Leftists is degree of commitment: Communist vs. Socialist, vs. Antifa vs. Garden-variety Protester, Weather Underground vs. Garden-variety Protester, 19 9/11 Hijackers vs. Garden-variety Muslim (ex. Comedian)


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‘All the Leaves are Brown’

Here is a good treatment of present-day environmentalists and environmentalism, All the Leaves are Brown: Today’s environmentalists see no hope for man-or nature, by: Steven F. Hayward, found on
McKibben is one of many current voices (Gore is another) who like to express their environmentalism by decrying “individualism” (McKibben calls it “hyperindividualism”). Finding that individualism is “the sole ideology of a continent,” he explains:

Fighting the ideology that was laying waste to so much of the planet demanded going beyond that individualism. Many found the means to do that in the notion of ‘community’—a word almost as fuzzy and hard to pin down as ‘wild,’ but one that has emerged as an even more compelling source of motive energy for the environmental movement.

This is not a new theme for McKibben. Al Gore employed the same “communitarian” trope in his first and most famous environmental book, Earth in the Balance (1992), where, in the course of arguing that the environment should be the “central organizing principle” of civilization, he suggested that the problem with individual liberty is that we have too much of it. This preference for soft despotism has become more concrete with the increasing panic over global warming in the past few years. Several environmental authors now argue openly that democracy itself is the obstacle and needs to be abandoned.

…Among other measures India required that families with three or more children had to be sterilized to be eligible for new housing (which the government, not the private market, controlled). “This war against the poor also swept across the countryside,” Connelly notes:

In one case, the village of Uttawar in Haryana was surrounded by police, hundreds were taken into custody, and every eligible male was sterilized. Hearing what had happened, thousands gathered to defend another village named Pipli. Four were killed when police fired upon the crowd. Protesters gave up only when, according to one report, a senior government official threatened aerial bombardment. The director of family planning in Maharashtra, D.N. Pai, considered it a problem of “people pollution” and defended the government: “If some excesses appear, don’t blame me…. You must consider it something like a war. There could be a certain amount of misfiring out of enthusiasm. There has been pressure to show results. Whether you like it or not, there will be a few dead people.”
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Resist the Bern,…Much?

Resist the Bern we much!!! We must and we will much—about that—be resist…ing!


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