On Susan Rice 2017 and Susan Rice 2012.

Someone, somewhere said, if I you are murdered, then you were murder-able.

The current revelation about Susan Rice, is the result of Susan rice “getting away with murder” when she told us all, repeatedly, that a film viewed by Muslims caused a riotous mob to murder four Americans in Benghazi, Lybia, 9-11-2012.

I don’t know about any of you, but I am highly murder-able, don’t want to be murder-able and have no idea how to become murder-proof.

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The Man With The Long Hose

…So I hear a noise out front of the house and go see what’s happening. It’s the oil-man pumping a delivery into our tank. I open the door and say, “Ah! I heard a noise outside–it’s just the man with the long hose!” I laugh. He laughs.

I close the door.

What now? That has to be the highlight of the day.

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On F.B.I. Director Comey’s Testimony

The Chicago method and Clinton-oid method.
Everybody is afraid to ask the right (obvious) questions, other than a few Senators and a few commentators.
The fear is of physical harm or death to loved ones and self.
Does anyone dispute this?
Those Senators and commentators will flap their lips and flail in the wind, stopping when they tire, with nothing accomplished.

They know this.

They succeed for two reasons: Complicit Media (press); Docile polity.

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Rep. Keith Ellison: “The Sitting Administration” Colluded With Russians

On this you_tube video of a portion of a CNN broadcast, House of Representatives member and current Deputy Chair, Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison spoke the words “the sitting Administration” in reference to collusion with Russians during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Yes, that’s right.

AT (mm:ss==00:10), Representative Ellison reveals that he is concerned about the collusion that occurred between the sitting administration and Russian operatives, official, unofficial, known and unknown:

…because–look–this is, this is, stunning when you think about it; far worse than Watergate, when you believe a hostile, foreign power, engaged in an attempt; And with the collusion of the sitting Administration [interrupt]

On the interruption by the Bleeping Talking Head (BTH), note that the BTH knew exactly when to interrupt (mm:ss==00:22); We all wonder whether there is collusion between CNN and Representative Keith Ellison. Some find this to be confirmation of a belief.

We all wonder whether there was collusion prior to election day between the sitting Administration and Russians–known, unknown, official, unofficial.

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I don’t remember the first time I thought of the term “Liberal-by-default” to describe myself after I had transformed into a Conservative. (Note that the dashes connecting the three words requires me to use “term” instead of “phrase” when referencing the…..thing.)
I found a file on this computer containing text I authored and in which this term can be found. The file’s modification date is August 2003. (The text became a post on either the “Ann Coulter” forum or “True Conservative” forum.)
I don’t know when I heard Andrew Brietbart use the same term (or phrase) to describe his political origins, only that it was before his demise: We–all of us–can agree upon that as a fact.
Each time I’ve used the term after I first heard Brietbart use the term–also, it being the last time I heard him use the term–I’ve been unable to stop myself from adding a defense of myself in the form of a confession that I heard Andrew Brietbart use the term, though I’ve never been challenged by anyone. One such version is:

I was what I now refer to as “liberal-by-default”–a designation I formulated for myself prior to it being used famously by the deceased Andrew Brietbart…

On Mark Levin’s March 1, 2017 show, he played audio of an interview he conducted with Andrew Brietbart. (The link to the .mp3 file is: 5662936-3-1-17-mark-levin-audio-rewind.mp3)
At (hh:mm:ss == 01:17:55); Andrew Brietbart can be heard saying: I was “a default cultural liberal”.
This is the first time I’ve heard Brietbart add “cultural” to the term and place “default” ahead of “Liberal”. Now, I am left to wonder into perpetuity, that is, to my grave, whether he employed a different meaning for “default cultural Liberal” than when he used “Liberal-by-default”.
I am not pleased.
Perhaps, I should be grateful I am not dead.
Now, I think he read my post on the ANN COULTER forum!!!!
The plot thickens and turns to mud.

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Presidential Comparisons

I think that the best, accurate comparison of President Trump and ______ fill-in the blank is what I heard on CSPAN while doing chores, and I do not remember who, when or what and can not give attribution.

President Lincoln.

Obviously, I don’t mean intellect or other personal qualities. I mean the forces he is fighting, and he is doing that.

1. CNN/BBC/NYTimes [the others are lesser]

2. Islamism; a tremendous force with myriad tentacles and fast-becoming the handmaiden of world-wide socialism.

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Chuck “The Scmuck” Schumer; Or Chuckie Schmuck Schumer

We can ALL believe and agree, as night follows day, that Trump knows Schumer intimately. I mean their families had dinner together or such things. This means that Trump knows what Schumer thinks and feels as an insider.

That was then! now they are political enemies.

When President Trump asserts that Schumer’s tears are fake and phony—95% sure—, then we know it to be true base upon Trump’s knowledge of the man when he knew him as a fellow New Yorker and part of that city’s elite.

Did their families go to each others’ homes–including vacation homes—for dinner? I’ll bet yes.

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