Whither The Sub-conscious? (The Freudian One)


Now, being 1/3 of the way into my second reading of Sigmund Freud’s “Civilization and its Discontents,” the second being inspired by this PJMedia: “The Freud Fraud Underlies Political Correctness”, the first reading preceding the current PJMedia by a couple years, that is, before I read the negative critical comments of the author (Goldman); And to him, I’ve yet to find anything being peddled or “sold,” as one would expect a “salesman.”

My only knowledge of negative sentiment about Freud is that it was, they were Liberals (Leftists) who decided to discredit anything Freudian, due to things like “hysteria” being blamed on the possession of a uterus and whatever else could be attributed, by whiff or concrete block, as anti-women and incompatible with any principle of Feminism.

Yet, some of us can remember walking around worrying about what our sub-consciouses were up to; and, without the Freudian “sub-conscious” to kick around or fret over, I ask, whither the subconscious? Are we in denial that it doesn’t matter or, even, that it doesn’t exist—it, the baby, being thrown out with the Freudian bathwater? (When I use “Freudian,” I refer to ONLY the scholarship, NOT any defects of character the man may, did or did not have.)

What we can agree is relevant is whether his version of the human’s stages of development are accurate; if partly, then how so? And so on. The same with respect to what’s called the Defense Mechanisms, though I don’t believe Freud coined that term for them as they are now known. Let’s not forget the rampant concept “denial,” is one of the so-called mechanisms in that list. The other, that Rush Limbaugh seems to have made more widely used, being “projection.” The concept I remember from College is more difficult to understand than the one being used a great deal in U.S. of A over the past decade. I first heard the term here within and among a well-known group about a decade before Rush had a radio show. How long it being used in that group prior to my entry?, is unknown to me.


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