The Bjork/Newsom post Appreciation

[Tangent Alert]


She, Deneuve. is in a film in my top-ten film list: Dancer In The Dark. Not only did I love this movie from seeing it—I rented from a store—I loved that Bjork won the Cannes Film Festival award, female role this being her first acting project, one bleeping song being nominated for Best Orig.Song, or whatever it’s called, and she looses to who?, BLEEPING Bob Dillan!!!!!!!!!!! (I’ve never taken to Dillan, didn’t when I was young–[Led Zeppellin].) so I was thrice-cooked pissed off!!!

I followed Bjork for a while after the excitement, joining the “4UM” message board in which I saw Joanna Newsom mentioned, listened to her works, to date, and BAAM, I followed her brilliant, 100% American rise-to Super Stardom to be disabused of my fandom by a, quip onstage—I’ve never seen her live she being spitting-distance from me on the Y’s tour. (I’ve edited this post, discovered that I hadn’t completed it and now don’t know what the bleep is the quip that “disabused” me “of my fandom!”)

She said: I don’t the exact words….


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