An Additional Error in the Term, “Islamophobia”

On what basis would I buy a book written by a guy who has an irrational fear of Islam OR Muslims OR, worse, both?

Does anyone understand the question?

Let’s be clear: not only is the term “islamophobia” being misused by all those who peddle the syndrome, as a widespread phenomenon, but the chosen name, ITSELF, the word, contains an error: ‘islam’ is a religious doctrine; ‘muslim’ is an actual, factual human and the ONLY one of the two that will, THAT CAN, strike fear, in a person, in the heart of an infidel.

Therefore: ‘musliphobia, ‘muhamaphobia’ are more appropriate POTENTIAL candidates for an accurate term to represent an irrational fear of a violent, Islamic, religious zealot.

Am I the only sane person on the planet?

I want, I may want, to read books by people who do NOT have an irrational fear of Muslims OR, worse, Islam OR, much more worse, both.



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5 Responses to An Additional Error in the Term, “Islamophobia”

  1. Joe says:

    Why not read Rober Spencer’s book and answer your own silly question?
    Oh, but a dismissive leftwing fiberal like you “charade-o” is not capable of objective review of facts.
    300 million dead over 14centuries, and countless rapes, child abuse and human rights atrocities by isLIEmic koranimals doing EXACTLY what their false “prophet” moohuMAD did.
    the evil koran clearly describes the sadistic exploits of moohuMAD the child-rapist mass murderer, and the koran is chock full of instructions to commit genocide against “unbelievers”, Jews & Christians.
    32,000 terror attacks since 9/11 by zealots clearly acting out isLIEmic jihad.
    koranimal zealots have turned once respectful sweden into a miserable dysfunctional stenching shariaDiahrea sewer cesspool just like they came from (somolia, syria, libya etc).
    In his book Robert Spencer cites objective FACTS, not subjective rhetoric like you lefty clowns.
    Do you even read or watch the news “charade-o”? Despite the deceit & bias, the truth about isLIEam is impossible to deny!

    • Joe says:

      and btw:
      isLIEmphobia is the correct term.
      It is a nefarious lie.
      All the many muslims I know in Canada want nothing to do with being stigmatized by some bogus “social ill” fabricated by vote grovelling fiberals.
      These muslims are grateful for the kindness, acceptance & charity Canadians have extended to them.

      • scherado says:

        Sorry I didn’t approve your comments sooner–I didn’t know the process, as I’ve not had any commenters.

        By the way, I am what Leftist’s call “far Right”, politically.

        The point about Mr. Spencer’s book is over your head, apparently. If you wish me to explain, I will do that, but I recommend it be done ON JIHADWATCH, Mr. Spencer’s website so that others may be informed, eh?

    • scherado says:

      Please learn how to place a blank line between your sentences. I suspect that you are using a bleeping phone to post your responses.

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