Rep. Keith Ellison: “The Sitting Administration” Colluded With Russians

On this you_tube video of a portion of a CNN broadcast, House of Representatives member and current Deputy Chair, Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison spoke the words “the sitting Administration” in reference to collusion with Russians during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Yes, that’s right.

AT (mm:ss==00:10), Representative Ellison reveals that he is concerned about the collusion that occurred between the sitting administration and Russian operatives, official, unofficial, known and unknown:

…because–look–this is, this is, stunning when you think about it; far worse than Watergate, when you believe a hostile, foreign power, engaged in an attempt; And with the collusion of the sitting Administration [interrupt]

On the interruption by the Bleeping Talking Head (BTH), note that the BTH knew exactly when to interrupt (mm:ss==00:22); We all wonder whether there is collusion between CNN and Representative Keith Ellison. Some find this to be confirmation of a belief.

We all wonder whether there was collusion prior to election day between the sitting Administration and Russians–known, unknown, official, unofficial.

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