I don’t remember the first time I thought of the term “Liberal-by-default” to describe myself after I had transformed into a Conservative. (Note that the dashes connecting the three words requires me to use “term” instead of “phrase” when referencing the…..thing.)
I found a file on this computer containing text I authored and in which this term can be found. The file’s modification date is August 2003. (The text became a post on either the “Ann Coulter” forum or “True Conservative” forum.)
I don’t know when I heard Andrew Brietbart use the same term (or phrase) to describe his political origins, only that it was before his demise: We–all of us–can agree upon that as a fact.
Each time I’ve used the term after I first heard Brietbart use the term–also, it being the last time I heard him use the term–I’ve been unable to stop myself from adding a defense of myself in the form of a confession that I heard Andrew Brietbart use the term, though I’ve never been challenged by anyone. One such version is:

I was what I now refer to as “liberal-by-default”–a designation I formulated for myself prior to it being used famously by the deceased Andrew Brietbart…

On Mark Levin’s March 1, 2017 show, he played audio of an interview he conducted with Andrew Brietbart. (The link to the .mp3 file is: 5662936-3-1-17-mark-levin-audio-rewind.mp3)
At (hh:mm:ss == 01:17:55); Andrew Brietbart can be heard saying: I was “a default cultural liberal”.
This is the first time I’ve heard Brietbart add “cultural” to the term and place “default” ahead of “Liberal”. Now, I am left to wonder into perpetuity, that is, to my grave, whether he employed a different meaning for “default cultural Liberal” than when he used “Liberal-by-default”.
I am not pleased.
Perhaps, I should be grateful I am not dead.
Now, I think he read my post on the ANN COULTER forum!!!!
The plot thickens and turns to mud.

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