The Trajectory Of “Progress” Of Western Civilization

There are some who believe that the Left—American Left—have been dealt a permanent, fatal blow in the recent presidential election. That has been my inference to their assertions. One such person asked in an online article:
Can you not hear the pillars tumble? Can you not feel the static in the air?
Where does one go to hear and feel such things?
Suppose that I got an answer, on what basis would I be justified, on what reading of history, on whose version of reality would I rely to become disabused of my belief that the Left will prevail in the end?
The trajectory is the demise of The West.
Is a plotted curve—not to be confused with potted plant—is a graphical representation required to “see” this trajectory?
The repetition of two steps forward followed by one in reverse gets me to the same destination as a continuous “progression”?—pardon my unfortunate choice of word.
Does the fact that it is impossible to have a glass exactly half full or half empty render the well-known question associated with the glass and it’s contents worthless?
This is a trick question.
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