The Reasonable Gay Gene; Or, Reason Applied To The Subject

I’m always amused slightly when I hear that more “reasoned” debate is what we need and what is desired.
Well, the truth is that it’s only been a few years since this became an “always.” It is now “always.”
I’m reminded of this amusement after reading, yet again, of the specter of that thing, the putative thing called the “gay gene”.
What follows is my personal analysis of applying “reason” and, thereby, enjoying the resultant judgement, “reasonable”, to the idea of “gay gene”, that is, an inheritable characteristic which we call homosexuality. (You will discover the reason for double-quotes bounding these three items.)
Is everyone ready? Don’t blame me for what I’ve concluded as I’m merely applying logic to the subject. In other words, one might get what one wishes for when wishing for more “reason”. As final preface, I can tell you that I’ve never read the equivalent to my reasoning and reasonable take on the “gay gene”.
If homosexuality is inherited, that is, that a person may be born with “it”, then it can be considered a birth-defect under the following condition: when the Species—or clan, group, community—is in jeopardy from a precluded birth-rate; that is, zero births.
Some may think straightaway of the “state of Nature” as being just such a possible scenario: our Species, we all know as fact—save the Creationists—has spent the bulk of it’s time on Earth in this state, where births were essential, or near-so.
Of course, some will consider the gay gene a birth-defect for the reason that we are always susceptible of being placed back into a or the state of nature.
This may be too much to bear for those who find great appeal in a return to “nature”, the “back to nature” semi-ideal, something we tend to think of as one of the Leftist’s callow fantasies.
The inescapable conclusion that I have reached from this “reasoning” is that homosexuality is a luxury at best, or, under periods of plenty and leisure, particularly when all basic needs are very far from NOT being met; our great wealth.
The message to those who yearn for being relieved of the burden of choice with respect to their sexuality is: be very careful for what you wish.
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