Friedrich Nietzsche Not Like Hitler, Really?

That can’t be true.

Yesterday, I had a “disagreement”–a fight, online, in textual form–with a guy who, in essence, equated Friedrich Nietzsche with Hitler.

Ya know, if this Species had a common goal, then we’d all be getting along.

You just read one of Nietzsche’s “lamentations” in my own words. Does this have the scent of Nazism?

I thought my head was going to explode and chastised myself for NOT having the duct-tape at hand when needed!!!!

Later, the guy attempted to defend his assertion and association of the two men without apparent shame. I think it was a “youngster”, as his sentences were peppered with words that only an vacuous, barely pubescent person could compose.

I’m really good at this. I mean identifying such “youngsters.” I have special training and may reveal that soon.

Oh yes. Oh, my.

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