Help, Help!, Help!, Four Times Help!

[The following was written in a comment-section of Robert Spencer’s site Jihadwatch.]

From an article on the website, Geller Report, all emphasis mine:

Those who decry Trump’s rhetoric as needlessly “provocative” don’t realize, or don’t care to admit, that if we do actually curtail our behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities, the jihadis will not be pacified, but emboldened at the sight of what they will see [as] our weakness.
I offer nothing more than a confession to the peanut gallery. I had begun, as response to this article, my very first—that I can remember, it being so long since I began following Roberts Spencer’s writings—my first, explicit disagreement with something written by Mr. Spencer, but, rather thought it best to read thoroughly and found what I sought and is the part emphasized, the penultimate sentence.
I’ll be the first to admit that I am not anybody other than a comment-maker of some duration whose hobby is critical analysis of written and spoken English and, also, the ostensible (to me), fruitless task of “saving my country“—the latter being one tall order.
We all can identify the “choir” and whether we are part of that thing. The charge of “don’t care to admit” requires from the choir a “slap in the face” to the subject—not Spencer or Geller, what I mean by “subject”, is the collective patient, “[t]hose who decry Trump’s rhetoric as needlessly ‘provocative'”. This is, without a doubt, something other than speech or words employed on television, radio or internet, and more than marching with a mounted placard past some location.
I am primary care—for several years—of a terminally ill relative whose current cancer is of the brain. I don’t have the luxury of going outside actually and administering the “slap in the face”.
First: It will fall on deaf “ears” if any of you in the peanut gallery don’t care, that being the nature of a confession. Second: Read “first” again if you have the urge to declare that you don’t care. Rinse and repeat “first” and “second”, as necessary.
Last: If I don’t croak first—that is, before the several relatives, a distinct possibility—then I will think of something at that time for “slap in the face.”
Excellent piece, Mr. Spencer.

more help
even more help

(Just in case you DO believe your “lying eyes”. And for those of you who wondered the reason the camera broke away from Brother Carpenter’s hands in video #2 at the end of the solo, he most probably did NOT play those bars on that device in the studio!. Note the second drummer in the “background” in video #3. So sad, so sad. I would have killed myself if I had to perform with the “real” drummer behind me—I did play drums.)
Finally….the real thing: help for real

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