WTD: Installment #009B; Deniers—“Human Nature-D___s” & “Climate Change-D___s”

What’s the difference between denying “innate racism”, that found “in the DNA”—(the kind peddled by The Current Executive and Hillary, my new name for She), and that thing denied by those who would be given the label under proper propositional cognition—and denying “climate-change”?

I know I hurt myself typing that sentence.

[What’s the difference between denial of “innate racism” and denial of “climate change”?]

Deniers!? Or not?

That’s not the relevant question.

Two are:

  1. Does this contradict the “blank-slate” view of human behavior (what we use when denying “human nature”)?, held by the “Behaviorists”.
  2. Is an innate characteristic an example of human nature? (The particular example of “racism”, a type of bigotry, if posited for the non-white population—something denied as possible for that population—then it would mean the characteristic pervades the Species, though it be called something else when found in “those without the Power”.)
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