USA, Electoral College explained BY way of USA Senate.

[This was inspired by something I heard this week. I will give specific attribution later; the reason will become obvious then—it could have been…..SATAN! LOL]

What is the reason for the original structure of the US Senate?

The arrangement: Two Senators from each State—no matter what the population-size—where each Senator has equal vote-power as the next. How “undemocratic”!!—(it is Representative democracy.)

The original method of selection: Voting by State Legislature. The amended method, Amendment 17: “Senators Elected by Popular Vote”; ratified in 1913. This period of US history can be viewed—see Woodrow Wilson, John Dewey, for two examples—as the beginning of the so-called “progressive” politics which, presently, we know to be dominant in major institutions throughout Western nations.

(Amendment 17)

What was the purpose of the original method by State Legislature? The Senate was supposed to have some distance and difference from the “peoples’ house”, The House Of Representatives, said House being filled by popular vote and numerical representation is calculated by a ratio (proportionality)–greater population gives greater number of members.

There is a growing contingent within American politics to reverse the method of electing Senators. One reason is that US Senators are more beholden to the people when they are elected by the people and it is within the people that the dangerous attraction and appeal to the “nanny State” lies and thrives—think of Benjamin Franklin’s warning, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

(There is another, sometime-mentioned reason, that is contradictory to the aforementioned reason: Senators are becoming more concerned with Federal issues at the expense of State issues. A Senator may exhibit either phenomenon.)

Such a return to Senate election by State Legislature is a corrective to the perversion of the original purpose of the Senate.

The same reasoning applies with respect to preserving Electoral College: History has taught us that popular vote was avoided with intent and good reason with respect to part of the total elected body—Senate and President.

If the Electoral College is changed in any way, THEN you can be sure that the violent nut-jobs—or “patriots”, you decide—will take revenge; and this is the self-fulfilling prophesy of doing such a thing.

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2 Responses to USA, Electoral College explained BY way of USA Senate.

  1. scherado says:

    Mark Levin’s radio program. Possibly Nov. 14, 2016 or Nov. 15, 2016

  2. scherado says:

    Hmmm. Look what I found, published November 18, on electoral college and using Ben Franklin’s famous response.

    The thing is, every one of these features is vital to securing our great democracy, which is actually, in the famous 1787 words of Benjamin Franklin, “a Republic — if you can keep it.”

    Why ‘moral outrage’ over the Electoral College outrages me

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