“Human Nature”: What Is This Thing?

[Begun, but not finished…]

Recently, I had an informal debate with a self-defined Progressive/Leftist on whether human nature exists.

If we were to debate whether human nature exists, then we would be forced to define the term. I’ll begin with a possible definition, which I composed without reference to another definition and without any further consideration; and an example that suggests a different possible definition.

1) Human Nature: Given some set of conditions, a significant majority of people who live under those conditions, will exhibit and possess some set of characteristics, and they can be called ‘predictable’ (mereString, to give it a name; “not suggestive of”, a definition.).

2) Some conservatives assert that the preference for liberty and aversion to the known instances (examples, current and historical) of Socialism, Marxism and/or Communism is an example of human nature.

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2 Responses to “Human Nature”: What Is This Thing?

  1. scherado says:

    I equivocated about “human nature”:

    If you give people things, then they tend to piss upon the gift. This is the current state of human nature–notice the equivocation. I do believe in some set of qualities that can be considered human nature; exactly what that might be I can’t assert has remained unchanged over time. Some change may actually be a “regression”, in which case it would be a repetition of something that “disappeared” for a period


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