Origins of EU? Or: Of Babies and Bathwater.

It’s settled then; are we to congratulate the inventors of nuclear weapons for solving the problem for which the EU formed?


1945 – 1959 […] The European Union is set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours, which culminated in the Second World War.”


The EU represents one in a series of efforts to integrate Europe since World War II. At the end of the war, several western European countries sought closer economic, social, and political ties to achieve economic growth and military security and to promote a lasting reconciliation between France and Germany.

(A similar statement is found at

When I sought references to EU’s origin, I thought that I would find a reference to the problem of Nationalism; “ending…wars between neighbours”, “to integrate Europe” suggest but are not explicit. These descriptions are an understatement of the problem for which the EU was created. The West was on it’s last gasps until the moment the atom bombs were used and were, subsequently, pointed at Russia–as it became the West’s greatest problem after Japan surrendered. I do not mean that the West is no longer dying: it’s death–or descent into active, violent, widespread chaos–is likely to occur prior to launched nuclear weapons, unless Iran (fill-in-the-blank with Islamist regime) possesses such weapons.

The thing about the EU is that it was created to address a very real and imminent problem–a moribund Western Civilization, in which Nationalism was identified as conducive of perpetual war and destruction. What’s wrong with this idea as a solution? It can’t work with unethical people occupying leadership roles and when the root causes aren’t identified: Nationalism is a symptom.

This Agnostic believes that irreligiousity–read “killing Christianity” without replacement–marks the beginning of the death of Western Civilization. It was and is an error to blame religiousity for the reason of the “frequent and bloody wars between neighbours.”

Let’s not forget that Liberals both here and there embrace what is their essential, fatal flaw: the social perfectibility of the Species by members of the Species.

From page 289, Cold Friday, by Whittaker Chambers, mid-1950s; (Below, “matured evil” refers to Communism.):

…the philosophy of optimism and perfectibility of man, acting under his own power, are delusions and lead to disasters. But the philosophy of optimism and perfectibility make the climate of our time, and all the Left and much of the Right share the common delusion. Hence their common fury against anyone who points to the delusion and says: “Caveat!
     “Life is pain” must be one of the oldest cries wrenched from man’s experience. It challenges many quiet assumptions of our daily life. It does not say that man should not try to make his life on earth as happy as possible. It says that if, while doing so, he fails to know that life in its sum is inevitably tragic, he will court, at last, a judgement of disaster. That is the point perhaps on which we stand as a nation. Our happiness is taking vengeance on us, for our obsession with it has left us children in the face of the most matured evil on human record. [Bold is mine.]

It’s easy to substitute Islamic Supermacism for Communism as “the most matured evil” under the expectation that we won’t be able to stop the Islamists before they wrack-up a half-dozen millions of murders.–though we know that it is a “matured evil” far short of a future of tens of millions murders. We who are not of the Left have four major problems: The suicidal, blind, misguided Leftists, the Islamists, the ignorant or silent non-Islamist Muslims and, most importantly–as here lies the potential for solutions–we who can’t conceive of any effective solution.

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