The Best Of….Installment #1

Who is the best Guitar Hero?

That’s easy:…… the Canadian-born Frank Marino of Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush fame……Now, of course, I must define “Guitar Hero”.

Jimmy Page is not a Guitar Hero but is a God of Guitar. If he had been a “solo” artist, I would or may have awarded him the designation–But, who could say what he would have produced without the Zeppelin band co-mates?

Eric Clapton is in that class with Page.

B-b-but Schera Do, Clapton had a prodigious, lengthy solo career, GASP!

Yes, but he does not meet the qualifications of “hero”–And I thought I’d be the only one to ask questions ’round here!

Anyway, Clapton is far too sedate to qualify as a Guitar Hero–unless he used to appear on-stage in a full cape, six-inch platform heels and play with his teeth: I don’t think I missed that.

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