The Devil’s Dialectic, Part II (“Why they hate…”)

The question at hand: “Why do they hate us?” They are those who murder civilians—“innocents” is too loaded—outside combat zones: Those who commit acts of terrorism.

“Why do they commit acts of terrorism against us?” Never start a sentence with ‘why’, therefore:

“What are the reasons they commit acts of terrorism against us?” (Let’s assume more than one.)

Wait: what if it can be “boiled down to” one?

I have the answer. Don’t you already know the answer? It’s as obvious as….Madonna not being a virgin in the mid-’80s when she made the video comparing her….whatever she meant by “like”.

Perhaps a picture (or two) will do the trick.

No, it’s not funny. It’s the alpha-male elephant in the room full of elephants.


I did it in one word.

The roles of women: sexual roles & sex with women. The single reason is the male’s relationship to women in Islam. Period. I could insist that it is the single issue or reason for all the mayhem.

In a word: Sex.

We all already knew and know this. Does anyone think it’s about religion? No. The religion of Islam is an expression of the sex-role relationship. The West’s relationship to women is an anathema, an abomination to the male Muslim.

Let’s be direct, eh?

If Country X wants Muslims in their nation, then they must send women back to the kitchen and segregate them, particularly when young. The end.

If Country Y wants their women to be able to protest in the nude—we’ve seen that, yes we have—, then they must make that clear to every Muslim in their country and every one attempting to enter.

Now, you’ve seen a beginning of a proper treatment of the question.

End of part II: “Why do they hate us?”

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