The Devil’s Dialectic, Part I

A. “Why do they hate us?”

Sound familiar? I bet it does! Have you ever heard a proper treatment of the question? I bet not!

Are there “stupid” questions? I am told the only one is the one which is not asked. That always seemed stupid to me. Nevertheless…

The answer is, yes, there are stupid questions.

Is this one of those? (I mean the one at A. above, within quotes.)

What is the first thing one learns when debating, or tasked with determining the truth-value of anything?

That it might be correct.

The Muslims of Islam: What is the preceptive foundation-stone of Islam? Submission. Get on your knees, bow down, together or singularly.

The hopeless drug-addicts and alcoholics—who enter recovery and find some hope—are urged to get down on their knees every day to communicate with their individual, personal Higher Powers. The act is an expression of humility and they would be loathe to characterize such a thing as submission before that Power; but, it is that, as it must be done as “suggested” in their Step 3:

[We] Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

It is correct, in both contexts: for the Muslim and for the member of the Twelve-Step recovery program.

(Aside: Is it incidental that both groups strive for total abstinence from inebriants? We know the reason for the recovering Alcoholic. What is the reason for the Muslim? If the alternative is some “moderate” amount of alcohol for Muslims, then one can see that it would be opening a troublesome can of worms if not an outright recipe for disaster. As I like to say dumb shit tends to happen when alcohol is introduced into the vast majority of gatherings of people—especially young people.)

End of Part I: There is merit to submission before “God” (Higher Power); there is merit to abstinence from inebriants.

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