“Preacher or poet, who was it wrote?”

History is short the sun just a minor star
The poor man sells his kidneys
In some colonial bazaar
Que sera sera
Is that your new Ferrari car?
Nice but I’ll think I’ll wait for the F50
You don’t have to be a Jew
To disapprove of murder
Tears burn my eyes
Moslem or Christians Mullah or Pope
Preacher or poet who was it wrote?
Give any one species too much rope
And they’ll fuck it up

Too Much Rope (_^_)

[The emphasis in the above is mine.]

Yes, it would seem likely. Does this assume that there was a creator of the Species? Or, does this allow for the so-called Theory of Biological Evolution to have been the mechanism, so-called? I wonder whether Waters has weighed-in on the subject. I don’t know because I refuse to pollute my enjoyment of this artist by listening to or reading his opinions on things.

Of course and let’s remember, that the Theory of Biological Evolution is silent with respect to the “appearance” of first life.

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