Sessions, Rehnquist, Scalia, Bork

In the first segment of the February 18, 2016 John Batchelor show, Batchelor speaks with John Bolton, who, in 1986, was Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.

In 1986, John Bolton had called Antonin Scalia to inform him of the 98-0 confirmation vote in the Senate. Earlier in that year, Jeff Sessions was attacked and voted down, for District Judge in Alabama (mm:hh=06:15—Batchelor); Rehnquist, very contentious hearings, but voted up; Scalia, somewhat contentious and voted up; later, the unprecedented character assassination and down-vote of Robert Bork.

And the truth about the 98-0 vote for Scalia—according to Batchelor—is that the Senate “didn’t have time” to deal with Scalia, having spent much time and effort on the confirmation of Rehnquist, resulting in letting Scalia go, and returned to block—that is, “Bork”—Bork.

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