Depends on the meaning of “was” is: Trump on 9-11

If Trump said, “The Iraq war was a big, fat mistake”, we would be forced to ask, that depends on what the meaning of “was” is—and we would be asking the exact kind of temporal question that Bill Clinton asked and we would be asking a relevant question with respect to the past, the present and the implications for the future which, I don’t have to remind anyone, is not determined (exactly).

Does anyone know what I mean?

There is no doubt that Trump has some difficulty with either understanding or truth. To wit:

How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center (UNINTEL)? (CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) The World– I lost hundreds of friends. The World Trade Center came down (BOOING) during the reign. He kept us safe? That’s not safe. (_^_)

Everyone knows that the phrase, “Bush kept us safe”, does not refer to what occurred on the day of 9-11; it is used and understood to mean that he kept us safe in the years after 9/11 and, even, until the end of his Presidency.

Whatever the reason Trump said such a thing, I can’t conceive of any reason that such a thing could be spun positively, much less with accuracy.

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