On rotting smugly “in peace and plenty”

My proposition that we—of the right—are now the greatest obstacle to defeating Islamic Supremacy because we are the greatest obstacle to defeating the Left, began and took inchoate form when I read an entry of Mark Steyn’s “blog”, dated January 12, 2016. In that entry, he notes that his prognostications of the present state of affairs in Europe—and presumably, elsewhere—can be found in his ten-year-old book. I thought to myself, is he aware that he has implied that his efforts were and are ineffectual, these words in a book, which he have failed to change what has manifested in the undeniable present?

That was when the idea formed.

Prior to that, I began reading the new website—when it was new—called TruthRevolt. After several months I noticed that they took a very narrow theme and repeated objections to what they found, of which I tired through that repetition. I stopped reading them a few years ago. I can trace the genesis of the unformed idea to that experience.

After shaping and expressing this idea further and documenting such in several comments-sections of websites, I read the following words from pages 524 to 525 in Whittaker Chambers’ Witness, 1952:

[I], under the impact of history…had reached a sad conclusion…[it] was that the time for the witness of words was over and the time for the witness of acts had begun—-that the force of words alone was not enough against the treason of ideas. Acts were also required…if a man did not mean…to rot [smugly] in peace and plenty, if, instead,…he meant to raise at least a hand to help…
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