On the December 2015 Comm-Sci-Trans Subcommitee Hearing

After watching most of the full video of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee SR-253, December, 2015, I am thoroughly depressed; and I’m disappointed in Senator Cruz. He has, and had been repeatedly this year, affirming the 18-year “pause” in warming indicated by the data from satellites but he had nothing prepared to defend it when Mr. Titley raised putative flaws in that data. (Though Mark Steyn’s appearance is heroic and he has my eternal gratitude for so much, I was disappointed and must be honest.)

At hh:mm:ss==01:24:47, Senator Schatz asks:

And tell me about the observations that you have on page 3 of your testimony; it seems to me that there’s nearly one-to-one relationship between global temperatures, CO2, fossil fuel consumption and sea-level and ocean temperature, is that, is that about right?
Dr. Titley: Yes, sir. Everybody here at this table knows that, uh, correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causality [as in the analogous correlation used in this hearing between smoking and cancer?; or my favorite, people who eat carrots the week they die in an automobile accident?] but there has been a lot of work shown … [interrupted]
Senator Schatz: How would you establish causality in an experiment involving our planet.
Dr. Titley: We only have one planet, that makes it kind of, uh tough to run the control case, if you will, so this is what the computer models help you with, but we only have one planet; thank you sir.

Mr. Titley’s answer eliminates the possibility of arriving at a conclusion through evidence because he peddles the false proposition that experimentation can’t be conducted due to the absence of a control, that is, another planet. The tone of his voice and subtle smirk convinced me that he knew the emptiness of his assertion. You (he), the designer, very simply, design an experiment that doesn’t require a control planet!! Not having the luxury of a control does not mean that the proposition of anthopogenic warming is not susceptible to experimentation, it means only that the ideal experiment is not an option.

The vast bulk of Scientific progress has been achieved short of this ideal

If you want the most profound example, then get your duct-tape out and apply to your heard now.

The theory of biological evolution can not be proved by the standards peddled by Dr. Titley in his reference to no control planet.

In the end, the argument that the result (anthropogenic warming) is true by consensus is empty; and the so-called “independent” verification of the numerous supporters is irrelevant.

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