The Global Insanity of Global Warming

I was watching the US Senate Committee hearings on Climate Science and the following is verbatim from Dr. Christy, January 25, 2016, hh:mm:ss==00:45:51:

Even to become a Saint in the Catholic Church, you have to pass a contested, uh, trial with the Devil’s Advocate. You know, you can’t be sainted without that, so every other region, every other aspect of human life has an adversarial process, [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] is the only one I know of that there’s nothing adversarial, in the Science.

Re-read those sentences and take note of the context.

You can’t get further from Science than religion. The Catholic Church is insinuated as role-model for intellectual integrity! This is “1984” after three generations of inbreeding.

This is the precise measure of the depth and seriousness of our problem.

The thing is, it—the irrationality of Britain, Sweden, Germany and, yes, America—it, this irrationality, is now very dangerous. In truth, it always was dangerous, but people, now, have had their “supermarket lives” intruded upon, if you get my meaning. The inane “wake-up call”/snooze-button routine and repetition is a symptom of this decay.

This is the reason that I wouldn’t let some guy use “childlessness” and “homosexuality” as a refutation of economic principles.

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