The Intellectual Sociopath

In my two entries—one, two—on the “intellectual conscience”, I was not suggesting that the concept is analogous to the moral, ethical conscience. A person possess a sense of right and wrong with respect to the intellectual realm as well as the ethical, moral.

When we are confronted with a person who lacks a conscience, the term sociopath may apply.

What do we call one who lacks such a faculty with respect to the intellectual, factual or propositional?

I recently had a dispute with a guy who attempted to assess the correctness of an economic theory by citing the author’s homosexuality. I won’t name the man as he might be getting paid for such things and might ruin his livelihood.

I’m left to wonder about my courage and dedication to intellectual integrity, which is only tangential here.

Not being a professional, I wonder whether the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, currently DSM 5, describes the magnitude of absence of the ability to determine right from wrong. Similarly, I wonder whether a person who demonstrates an example of an abject breakdown of intellectual conscience, can demonstrate the opposite and do so with regularity?

This is no small question.

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