SDT No. 009: What’s wrong with a Presidential candidate?

My life-long belief, a kind of truism of my own, was—and is—that there is something wrong with anyone who runs for President. This informed my decision-process in the sense that I needed to identify that thing—or things—within each candidate.

I have entertained the idea that Ronald Reagan could be the exception to this truism. I confess that I did not formulate my truism while Ronald Reagan was President and that I was not political during those years.

With respect to Donald Trump, I’ve asked this question. I don’t intend to provide the answer here and now. I want to make an observation and pose a question.

It seems true that Trump is an egomaniac. Let’s forego disputing that for the moment.

The question: Is Donald Trump an “egomaniac with an inferiority complex”?

This is not an appeal to psuedo-psychoanalytic explanation (deconstructionism). It is a practical question. It is surrounded by quotes as it is borrowed from an unrelated context (non-political). That context might be best identified by the phrase, “adult-child of an alcoholic”. The alcoholic is best described as an, “egomaniac with an inferiority complex.”

I know that Donald Trump’s brother died as an active alcoholic and I believe—from implication—that he died an alcoholic-related death. Alcoholism is a “family disease.” Sometimes the children of alcoholics acquire the syndrome given the name ACOA, Adult Children of Alcoholics.

I have not heard Donald Trump broach the subject of whether he is the other side of the coin: A person who would be an alcoholic if he drank or whether he drank alcoholically when he did drink—if he ever drank.

This is the basis of my question, is he an egomaniac with an inferiority complex?: Is he a person who has that one pervasive characteristic of an alcoholic whether or not that person is actively drinking?.

This is inside inside baseball.

Of course, I have to answer this question for the other candidates. I’m not referring to any of the Democrats.

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