Flies to Feces: Essence of Trump Support, Part 02 (Installment “No.2”)

Hey, that’s pretty funny, and it is 100-percent fortuitous.

When I hear Donald Trump tell us that he is getting calls from “establishment” people and that they are “lining up”, I think of the attraction of flies to feces.

There are two absolute truths of life: If a person hangs around the barber’s shop long enough, then he will get a hair-cut; If a person is proximate to filth, he will acquire a foul odor.

Radio host, Mark Levin, provides his January 22, 2016 show for download. At hh:mm:ss==00:50:18 is the following by Trump from a Las Vegas event:

I think they’re lining up, I-I wanna be honest, I have received so many phone calls, from people that you would call establishment, …
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