(Title intentionally left blank.)

Over the past ten years, I’ve accumulated a ban-total of about 10 from message boards, two of which twice. If you understand that sentence, then you will count 8 boards.

Two of them had very large international memberships and were, in my estimation, 99.999% progressive or far-left politically—these were not political sites, they were fan-sites. I was given a wide berth and tolerated for years. I was banned from the Ann Coulter site, possibly twice, though that was after a very long time and, thought I don’t recall the reason(s), I doubt that I didn’t deserve the result.

There may have been several Facepalm groups, but I remember only one: they all were either about evolution (biological) or Atheism. One was a MySpace thingy with a similar theme. One was a philosophy-debate forum, possibly two.

This week, I was banned from two sites that self-identify as Conservative and are American based and my time ended after a short number of months in the one case, the other I barely posted a dozen entries. My observation is that their common and pervasive complaints that The Left is intolerant is a relative falsehood when the comparison is with them.

I thought about what picture might speak to my reaction to these two recent bans.

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