“New York [City political] values”

This was a subject in the Republican debate of January 14, 2016. Ted Cruz botched his treatment of this subject. This fact argues against his candidacy. I chose those words carefully.

Donald Trump’s response to Ted Cruz–made directly after–is irrelevant to his opponent’s point. This means that it is specious and an example of sophistry. In this political context, it is exquisite sophistry.

My conclusion, after a few days of reflection, is that it is an obscene use of the thousands of bodies mangled, crushed and intermingled beyond possible recognition other than DNA analysis; obscene, indefensible and irrelevant to Cruz’s point.

Yes, Ted Cruz botched his answer. Nevertheless, they were “NY [political] values” that gave us Senator Clinton, which gave us the continued nightmare of Hillary Clinton’s political viability, which, also, gave us Chuck Schumer. These are the SAME political values as San Francisco and that gave us Diane “Franken” Feinsten, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi.

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