Cognitive dissonance, intellectual conscience and politics

Cognitive dissonance is the outstanding intellectual characteristic of Leftists/Progressives. I am not asserting that Rightists/Conservatives are free of this trait.

The one common trait that all—that’s right—all progressives possess is the ability to abide cognitive dissonance. I’ve understated this: It is necessary if one is to be of the Left. In this context, they “enjoy” the fruits of technology and advancement while lamenting their existence—both the technology and themselves—remember, they believe that humans are the scourge of Earth, … and beyond.

Further, the progressive believes that the current age is the most “progressed” or “progressive” while, and concomitantly, espousing a “back to Nature” creed, manifesto or, worse, mandate for all.

The emotional turmoil that is created by these contradictory ideas must be profound.

Now, what determines a person’s ability to abide cognitive dissonance? That is a function of one’s “intellectual conscience“—an English translated term from Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The Joyful Wisdom”. The well-known defense mechanism called denial must be strong for one to maintain conflictive beliefs throughout life.

Do Conservatives operate under such intellectual contradictions? I can only answer for myself…

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