Getting the dolt-vote

There is a criminality test for voters. Felons can’t vote. There is no religious test for voters.

There is no intelligence test for voters. Dolts can vote.

Given that Hillary Clinton is the Democrats’ nominee and one lives by “anybody-but-Hillary for President”, what fact and factor should guide one in choosing an opposing candidate to run against and defeat her?

In a word? Pudenda.

What lead me to that conclusion? To get there, I remembered that many people representing a very wide spectrum of political beliefs admitted to voting for Barack Obama so that there we would be a first Black President. To be fair, or something like that, there were many of this crowd whom I didn’t characterize as dolts.

Regarding a speculative cause or motivation to explain the decision behind voting for a candidate based upon race, I don’t wish to steer into phenomenology or, worse, psychoanalysis: I wish to get to the dolt-vote.

The relevant question: how many people with pull the lever to achieve the first female President? I don’t pretend to know, but I think those who voted in the hopes of getting that first Black may behave the same way in 2016.

To get the dolt-vote, a woman should be nominated to oppose the one with pudenda.

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