A religionist’s alliance with Science

I spent two years, recently, debating evolution, biological and other, origins and religion at a so-called Christian forum. I interacted with Young Earth Creationists and Theological Evolutionists and it was a valuable experience. Before ending my participation, I became familiar with believers who employ science to bolster and legitimate Christian scripture.

Today, I read the following from The Stakes in the War on Christmas, by Bruce Thornton:

Moreover, religion challenges the authority not just of science, but also of the secular state. It’s no coincidence that in the late nineteenth century, centralized power and science joined forces in the Progressive movement, which argued for a “Darwinian” Constitution, as Woodrow Wilson called it, based on what Progressive Mary Parker Follett in 1918 called “the most vital trend in philosophical thought and by the latest biologists and social psychologists.” Yet faith provides principles, beliefs, and virtues that are not always compatible with, and often oppose the discoveries of science and the aims of a political power bent on “improving” human life by creating “social justice.” This natural conflict between a centralized, expansive federal government based on technocratic expertise, and organized religion founded on faith has been evident in contemporary issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and Obamacare’s mandate for the provision of birth control in healthcare plans, as well as in the attacks on public displays of religious symbols such as crèches and the Ten Commandments.

I did not have time, while at the aforementioned forum, to form fully my thoughts that began with my uncomfortability about seeking a scientific confirmation of religious doctrine or scripture. I found the above quote valuable.

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